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Total Quality Management Training in Manufacturing Environments   Oscar Zambrano

Total Quality Management Training in Manufacturing Environments

176 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This is one of a very few unswerving research studies of the interconnection between TQM implementation and successful outcomes. The book illustrates on perceived the training in TQM success for a small manufacturing company over a 2-year interval. This company, primarily small in operations, never has been involved with TQM. The data suggests that the company management involvement, the structure of the classroom training and the introduction of Kaizen philosophy have had significant effect on TQM outcomes for this specific manufacturing firm. The research has also discussed some necessary antecedents for TQM success. In particular, top management need to understand the nature and purpose of TQM, its relationship to training, and the potential benefits that can bring after its implementation. I have shown that these factors are significantly associated with perceived TQM success.
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