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Learning Utility of Science at Secondary Level   Jitendra Kumar,Monika Singh and Ms. Sangeeta

Learning Utility of Science at Secondary Level

300 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Today it has become essential to understand the basic principles of science as it has become an integral part of life. Many issues facing mankind require an understanding of scientific principles by the public and by decision makers. Science has to play an important role in affecting utilitarian values system. Utilitarian value dimensions of science can be understood clearly if its nature and processes are understood first. When children grow and come to school to learn science, they are confronted with many directions with certain pre-notions and beliefs about natural phenomena which they normally get from parents, society and environment. There is need to consider those beliefs and values which the child has learnt before coming to school, and to evolve a strategy for teaching science with proper consideration of cultural, social, emotional, and above all, human values. Teaching of science, taking these values into consideration, will be quite helpful in developing a positive...
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