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Grapevine and Performance in Organisations   Marion Ndeta Wasia

Grapevine and Performance in Organisations

104 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Grapevine as discussed in earlier publications is an inevitable part of organisational behaviour. Does it affect performance? Of course it does. What is its role? Who controls the grapevine? And where do the leaders get the rumours from? What is the management's role in fuelling or quelling the grapevine? What are the symptoms of grapevine? Is there a remedy to the symptom? How can one tell when the organisation is ailing from grapevine's effects? All these and many other questions are answered in the inside of these pages. It takes the determination of every individual, and participation of each one of them to ensure that the grapevine bugger does not bite a given organisation. And even if it does since its said to be inevitable, quick and sound action will restore confidence in the organisation's staff.
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