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Challenges And Prospects Of Implementing BPR   Mulugeta Adane

Challenges And Prospects Of Implementing BPR

60 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
In today’s turbulent environment, everything is changing. In this world increasingly driven by the three Cs i.e. customer, competition and change, companies are looking for new remedies for their organizational problems .Recently, some of the more successful organizations in the world seem to have acquired an incredible solution: Business Process Reengineering. BPR by definition is the rapid and radical redesign of strategic, value-added business processes and the organizational structures that support them to optimize the workflows and productivity in an organization” (Soliman and Youssef, 1998, p. 894). The main aims of BPR are to improve profitability and return on capital employed through optimizing business processes, such as reducing management layers and cutting costs (Martin and Cheung, 2000). It involves fundamental changes not only to business processes but also to the way in which the organization is managed and operated. Organizations, could they be private or...
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