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Project work as part of assessment tool in schools   Alina Hambelela Angula

Project work as part of assessment tool in schools

156 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Project work is one of the approaches that was highly neglected by educators during the teaching and learning situation.It was the same situation for the Namibians before independence in March, 1990. Some Scientists regard projects as a powerful tool to develop the learner as an autonomous thinker. Projects was also viewed as a means to enhance cognitive skills, values and attitudes. The book informs us on how the Nmaibian curriculum incorporated projects in all school curricula with a focus on critical inquiry and investigations. It also explores the inclusion of project work in Namibian schools at Junior Secondary phase since independence in March 1990. The book also discusses on the key findings and came up with possible suggestions for future research. Teachers,learners and scientists will find the book useful and benefit from it.
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