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Job Involvement of Degree College Teachers   Jose Cherian

Job Involvement of Degree College Teachers

112 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The wellbeing of the Nation depends upon the wellbeing of the Teachers.The Teacher has a powerful and abiding influence in the formation of the character of the future citizens.A strong secure and effective profession of teaching is essential to build up public intelligence and to solve the social problems.Teachers who commit themselves to the profession and who have knowledge ,devotion and sacrifice can only build teaching profession.Teachers therefore need the right kind of value orientation and need to be totally involved in the teaching profession.Job Involvement as an attitude is an important variable that helps in maximizing organizational effectiveness.The higher the degree of Job Involvement of the members of an organization, the greater its effectiveness. .Organizational Culture offers a system of shared meaning which is the basis for communication and mutual understanding in educational institutions.This book provides a study on the Job Involvement of degree college...
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