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Attitude Of B.Ed Students Towards Teaching Learning Material   Y. Varaprasada Reddy

Attitude Of B.Ed Students Towards Teaching Learning Material

144 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The materials used in the teaching and learning process facilitate the teacher to teach his lesson in an orderly manner. It makes the difficult concepts simple in a scientific way for pupils. Teaching learning material is very crucial in the context of learner. The teaching learning process, which is tri-polar in nature, becomes meaningful when the teacher plans appropriate strategies. The maturity levels of the learner. Models, specimens, actual objects and use of locally available material and kits of different nature are some of the example of the teaching learning materials. Edgar Dale’s cone of experience needs special mention in this context. It is said that“I hear I forget, I see I remember,I do I understand” This implies doing is very important than mere passive listening. The teaching learning materials help in the process of conceptualization. The teaching learning material relate the content with methodology. In a way it is an asset to the child and the teacher to realize...
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