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Don't Bore Them!   Linda Atwell

Don't Bore Them!

260 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Not every instructor is automatically a skilled lecturer, it takes knowledge, work, time, and practice to become a good lecturer. Most instructors learn how to give lectures based on their own experiences as students. The teaching approach, as they were taught, tends to perpetuate the lecture as a passive, one-way method of transferring information. Too few lectures attain the ideal of engaging and teaching students. In fact, this teaching approach is often marred by failure of insight and ineffective delivery techniques. Lectures tend to bore students, and bury them in too many facts that are delivered in a monotone voice, and lectures do not appeal to all student learning styles. However, lecturing still remains the most widely used form of curriculum delivery in higher education today. Students want lectures, it is the format they are use to. Despite the use of electronic means of delivery, available in most schools today, lecturing still is seen by many as being the most...
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