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Learning at university   Vaiva Zuzeviciute

Learning at university

184 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Change in the contemporary world is overarching. It is reflected by interaction between increasing requirements for the level of competencies, which is initiated by changes in science and technologies, and the growing number of learning opportunities. This interaction initiates development of a learning society and changes of the dominant paradigms. University, as a part of educational system undergoes a phase of an intensive development due to the fact that a great number of the required competencies could be achieved mainly in the context of higher education. An important factor of lifelong learning is readiness of each student to use learning opportunities that are provided. In analyzing lifelong learning the latter issue sometimes lacks the necessary attention. In the interaction of the contexts of expansion of university and the paradigm of lifelong learning the problem - In what way learning of students can be improved and prerequisites for lifelong learning can be created...
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