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Sudanese Refugee Youth in an American Public High School   Anne Kiche

Sudanese Refugee Youth in an American Public High School

140 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Imagine being uprooted from your country of origin at an early age and taken to a place where life is vastly different. The language, the culture,the way of life is unfamiliar and yet you are expected to attend school and perform like the native students. Where do you begin? This book offers you the inside scoop of Sudanese Refugee youth's struggle to meet many demands imposed on them in their new environment. Do they have educational and occupational aspirations? How and when are they formed? Do these Sudanese refugee youth have high aspirations and high performance? What influences their choices?Apart from answering these questions, this book also discusses the major theoretical approaches used to explain educational and occuptional aspirations of immigrant youth. What theories seem relevant to this particular group?
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