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An Analysis of the Impact of Stipend Project on Child Education   Md.Sirajul Islam

An Analysis of the Impact of Stipend Project on Child Education

64 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
In my study I have tried to identify THE IMPACT OF STIPEND PROJECT ON CHILD EDUCATION.Primary Education Stipend Project (PESP) is undoubtedly a vast and great program of the government. However; Primary Education is the basic education for the Children without which higher education cannot be achieved. Moreover, it’s not possible for all to get higher education as many students cannot complete the primary education. But still the dropout students can learn how to read, write and keep domestic accounts. As a results, the literacy rate of the country increases. The object of the project was to attract the school aged boys and girls of the catchments area to the primary school who do not come to schools rather are engaged in jobs as the earning members of the families, who do not come to school regularly after admission and who leave school before completion primary education cycle.It is very complicated and sensitive project.
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