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E-Learning in Iran: Looking at Effectiveness   Elham Fariborzi and Prof. Dr. Kamariah Abu Baker

E-Learning in Iran: Looking at Effectiveness

344 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The development of learning in the society has always been a topic of concern for most countries. In Iran, discussions for its improvement focus primarily on the role of Information Communication Technology (ICT) on the existing educational systems. Traditional education criteria are no longer sufficient and suitable to cope with the changes that have been brought by ICT. Web-based learning is one of the new changes in Iranian educational systems. Although the role of web-based learning in supporting ICT integration is comprehended as critical, to date there are lack of scientific studies about its effectiveness in Iranian public universities. This book is to understand this information gap through comprehensive sources of data on web-based computer courses in Iran. This book would provide valuable information for web-based instructors, Information Technology or IT staff and educational managers who work in e-learning centres in universities as well as students and e-learners.
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