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The role of students representatives   Daniel Bowasi

The role of students representatives

132 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This study investigated the role of student representatives on Education Boards in three colleges, namely, the Zambia Institute of Special Education, the Copperbelt College of Education, and the Kitwe College of Education. The book investigated the effectiveness of the students’ representatives on College Boards. Although Kitwe College of Education was not originally part of the research, it was felt that there was need to include a Basic School Teachers’ College whose student population consisted mostly of pupils who had just completed school and was entering college life for the very first time. A sample total of 200 Respondents was selected from these three colleges out of whom 153 respondents answered the questionnaire. The findings of the study revealed that there were varying degrees of student participation in the various colleges and also that the role of student representatives on the education boards differed from one college to the other. The findings also revealed that...
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