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Spirituality and Natural Medicine Education   Airdre Grant

Spirituality and Natural Medicine Education

196 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This study reports on doctoral research into the importance attached to spirituality within the culture and curriculum of a select group of naturopathy training programs in Australia. There is an understanding that spirituality is foundational to the practice of naturopathy, which has a belief that an integrated balance between body, mind and spirit is essential to the attainment and maintenance of good health. However, is this holistic view of health, including the spiritual dimension, evident in the educational practices? This study also looked at the culture of naturopathy training programs and the impact of evidence-based approaches to health care practice. Overall it was found that though there is widespread acceptance of the fundamental philosophical importance to naturopathy of spirituality, the topic is neither consistently nor intensively addressed in the curriculum, except perhaps in the teaching of homeopathy. This has far-reaching implications for the identity and...
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