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Diagnosis and Remediation of Language Disabilities   Arvind Sharma

Diagnosis and Remediation of Language Disabilities

136 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
With the growing awareness of children with specific learning disabilities the primary task confronting a teacher is successfully identifying assessing and providing remedial measures to the children in accordance to their specific problem. One has to look out for paradoxes a child who is unable to read but good at arithmetic, one whose spellings are confusing but who is up-to-date and informed about current events, science & history. The general education framework has a system of automatic promotion to next class irrespective of the marks obtained by the student. This leads the child to a class which may be much above his ability level, thus widening the discrepancy between the actual performance of the child & the expected performance of that class. Added to these is the various syllabi system, varied second languages, media of instruction and also a third language to be learnt. With the post school/college education having become so competitive in general, our children with hidden...
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