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School Dropout:Locating the Space among Causes   Satvinderpal Kaur

School Dropout:Locating the Space among Causes

88 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Education means to enhance the prospects of social,cultural and economic development of the nation.Indian government has initiated many policies and programmes in the last decades for the expansion and universalisation of education. Undoubtedly the enrollment figures have been increased but the problem of retention and aspects of completion of school education have been remained as standing still. Most of the children who enter in the school system dropped out before completing elementary education. School dropout emerged as a very intense and complex phenomenon. There are many underlying factors which in one way or another are responsible to pull the children from the formal school system. Present work is an effort to examine the responsible push and pull factors and explores the dynamics of silent exclusion of the children from school system.
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