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Analysis of School Based Chemistry Tests Used in Secondary Schools   Monica G. Ituma and Nicholas W. Twoli

Analysis of School Based Chemistry Tests Used in Secondary Schools

128 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Performance in Chemistry subject at secondary school level in Kenya has been low over the years. This necessitates an effort to improve Chemistry teaching and learning process. One crucial part of the process is assessment through school based tests from which feedback can be used to improve instruction. Teachers spend a proportionate amount of time in setting, administering, marking, grading and recording grades from tests. Although these tests are meant to improve performance in Chemistry, no significant improvement has been noted. The study described the present situation as regards the practice of testing in schools with a focus on various aspects of school based Chemistry testing which included: teachers’ reasons for testing, the process of testing, testing techniques, frequency of testing, science domains tested, policies that govern testing and general views on testing. Descriptive survey approach was used with the target population being secondary school Chemistry teachers...
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