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Effective Strategies for Equipping Tertiary Students   Edward Akomaning

Effective Strategies for Equipping Tertiary Students

256 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Unemployment of tertiary graduates has become a big issue for many countries the world over with the ever-changing demands of the world of work due to skills gap. The facilities for acquiring the needed training are not always available at the educational institutions and coupled with the dynamism of the workplace, functional collaboration between tertiary educational institutions and industry becomes imperative. The book therefore is geared towards the processes that go into the preparation of polytechnic engineering students in general and in developing countries in particular as regards skills acquisition vis-a-vis the expectations of industry. It recommends effective strategies that would enhance proper employable skills acquisition. In this regard, the book comes out with practical steps that help overcome inhibitions to training if there are any. Such strategies will be beneficial to management of tertiary educational institutions, lecturers, students, industry and graduates.
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