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Understanding Number in Early Childhood   Sama F. Khomais

Understanding Number in Early Childhood

404 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Children’s early informal and formal numerical learning in home and preschool contexts is explained through contemporary socio-cultural theories, building on the revised understanding of developmentally appropriate practice. The interpretive paradigm is utilized to provide strong exemplary framework for qualitative and qualitative methodologies. The outcomes are integrated in an in-depth analysis, which provides comprehensive understanding of key themes in early number learning that include individual and socio-cultural dynamics. Those key themes designate a guide that empowers teachers to make better pedagogical decisions to improve early mathematics learning. The book, therefore, should be especially useful for researchers and professionals, who are concerned of understanding children’s learning through contemporary theories and scholarly research outcomes. It is also useful for practitioners in the field of early childhood education, and for whoever interested in children’s...
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