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Media socialization and media culture in the school curriculum   Mirela Tolic

Media socialization and media culture in the school curriculum

88 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Socialization of the media with early development of information-technological society becomes the object of serious scientific analysis. Her first research and existence is linked to the development of young scientific discipline of media pedagogy. The author actualizes the concept of socialization of the media, aspects of the research, she gives a brief overview of contemporary theorists, and the results of foreign studies and examples used in the practice of education. Educational aspect is aimed at pointing out the importance of integrating prevention program adoption media competencies for the greater lack of direct communication to the greater consumption of media.Culture is no longer conceivable without the media and/or new phenomena called "Cyber" culture. The monography discusses issues in what respect the different media, like Tv, film and Internet are with different cultures, how it changes everyday life under influence of various forms of sophisticated communications media...
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