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Personality Development Patterns Of School Students   Rajnee Gaur

Personality Development Patterns Of School Students

108 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Personality development pattern of school students is a book whose first chapter deals with meaning and definitions of Education given by Indian and Western educationists. It also helps the reader to understand the concept, definitions, Characteristics, determinants & various classifications of personality given by eminent psychologists. It also includes role of teacher, school, language, self concept, adjustment, intelligence, aptitude etc. in modifying the personality of students as well as throw light on characteristics of well adjusted people. It also tells researchers about the need, objectives and delimitations of it. Second chapter provides several researches done in the same line, so researchers can also use these reviews for widening their views about the related studies. Its third chapter gives you information about the methodology which includes sample, methods, statistical techniques, tools and development of tools etc. Fourth chapter gives an idea about qualitative and...
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