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Impact of Vocational Training on Students   Kasireddi Sudharani

Impact of Vocational Training on Students

64 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The Live Register of Employment Exchanges indicated that the increase in the number of persons seeking employment assistance had been higher in case of educated than the unskilled workers in general. Due to the oversupply of the graduates, competition for the jobs earlier performed by less qualified persons grew. Educational institutions were not equipped to visualize precisely, and provide for, training in required traits. In addition to that UGC has been supporting the Extension Departments to organize the activities for different sections of the society including the youth. During the XI th plan period, the UGC has sanctioned Self Assistance Programme to the department to work on three main areas namely, career guidance and counseling, vocational training and community based action research. In this year 2010-11 under vocational training, the department has organized certificate course in computer fundamentals and M.S. Office. The present study was undertaken to study the impact of...
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