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Developing Online Resources To Engage Students In Carpentry Theory   Malcolm Hay

Developing Online Resources To Engage Students In Carpentry Theory

192 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This case study investigates the impact of a blended learning environment on student engagement and achievement in two Year 11 secondary school Carpentry classes. The use of video, computer animation and interactive online resources is discussed and compared to previous classes where a more traditional teaching approach was taken. The use of interactive online resources was found to influence the learning patterns of the students with a positive impact on the amount of time available in the workshops for practical projects by allowing the students access to the theory components of the course out of class. The use of technology in the classroom was shown to make classroom management easier for the teacher during instruction, reducing delivery times and eliminating the need for unnecessary repetition. The study shows that the targeted use of technology can have a positive effect on student engagement and is a useful tool but the focus must remain on the pedagogy behind student learning.
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