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Curriculum Implementation   Florence Morangi Ateka

Curriculum Implementation

140 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
HIV and AIDS is a worldwide problem that concerns every individual. Since there is not yet a cure for it, nations and organization are trying to fight the pandemic using various means such as education programs and awareness campaigns. This study sought to find out the challenges facing the implementation of HIV and AIDS primary school curriculum in Lang’ata Division, Nairobi Province. The study used the survey design. A sample of 140 pupils, 40 teachers and 7 head teachers participated in the study, total of 187 respondents. Both stratified and random sampling was used. The study found out that majority of the teachers had not received pre-service and the in-service courses, resource materials for implementing the HIV and AIDS curriculum. With training or adequate in-service courses the teachers are ready to implement the curriculum. Some of the identified challenges can be overcome through commitment by the Ministry of Education and school administrators. There is need to...
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