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Problem Of Job Opportunities To Women Due To Gender Inequality   Clement Kessy

Problem Of Job Opportunities To Women Due To Gender Inequality

72 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Problem of Job Opportunities creates problems to individuals. Absence of earning a living wage, the unemployed could face problems in day to day life support like in feeding, shelter, water, free from immediate danger, usually a person miss the state of well being(like illness, malnutrition, mental stress and loss of self-confidence and eventually depression). The problem of job opportunity to women due to gender inequality is the concentrating topic that combination of unemployment with lack of financial resources and social responsibilities may led people especially women to take up work that does not fit their career side view or their skills, as example they are found working in Big Buildings . This is done only to earn a living. Not only women, even men are found doing works which never intend to do, like house boys (cooking, caring children, washing and others). Although there are policies for prioritizing women, still job is the problem to them. The author recommends on...
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