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Female Education and attitudes of people women: A Study of Pakistan   Saleha Parveen

Female Education and attitudes of people women: A Study of Pakistan

144 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Female education has been, comparatively, a neglected sector in national system of education of Pakistan. Since the very day, it was introduced in the sub-continent in 1854 as a part of existing system of education; it has been a controversial and difficult subject. Due to a number of historical, cultural and social reasons it has lagged much behind. In spite of many efforts during the last fifty years the standard of female education has gone down from bad to worse. This study was carried out with a view to determine the existing status, position and prevailing conditions of female education at secondary school level in Sindh and to investigate the causes of its ineffectiveness. The study also aimed at finding out the attitudes of women toward education and its importance particularly for girls. It was a descriptive survey type study in nature. In this study, three different types of research tools were developed and administered on the sample population of both rural and urban...
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