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A Study on Career Choice   Agus Immanuel

A Study on Career Choice

128 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Nowadays, the swift augmentation of Indonesia's economy is projected to maintain well into the subsequently decade. Simultaneously, the nation is still experiencing a lack in managerial and professional personnel. Besides of focusing the country's macroeconomics development, Indonesia government should also concentrate to citizens' behaviour and motivation on their career, especially the students themselves, because students are the chattels of the nation future development. This book is written as a way to understand about the factors that influence Indonesian students while making decision about the career he/she wants to adopt because some students do not begin to explore "real" career possiblities until after graduation. This study contributes toward our understanding of career choice that every individual makes in the long span of his/her life and to know Indonesian students' choice and mobility direction of their career. Is it staying in Taiwan or going back to their home...
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