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Causes of dropout among boys and girls from secondary schools   Eric Vincent Mudemb,Atieno Kili K’Odhiambo and DANIEL KOMO GAKUNGA

Causes of dropout among boys and girls from secondary schools

76 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The book espouses the causes of school dropout among boys and girls, in a comparative perspective. Some of the causes highlighted are unwanted pregnancies and early marriage (among girls), poverty, health status (of both students and parents) and the resultant orphan hood especially due to HIV/AIDS epidemic. Others include low academic achievement, indiscipline, school – related factors, as well gender disparities, coupled with community level barriers. Further, determination of the gender that is mostly affected by the problem is also verified. The study then present ways of intervention to the phenomenon such as financial and policy approaches on the part of the government, international community and the NGOs.Finally, it is the authors’ opinion that although the study was conducted in Ugenya district, Kenya, the findings may apply to many regions worldwide, especially to the Less Developed or Developing Countries. We also suggest further studies and concerted effort in dealing with...
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