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Teachers Speak: Challenges to Teachers' Initiative and Commitment   Fassika Teshome

Teachers Speak: Challenges to Teachers' Initiative and Commitment

96 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The aggressively growing communication technology, the availability of e-book, including correspondence and online learning have made education easily accessible, yet none of them could replace the potential of the teacher. Of all other factors, the emotional aspects of the teacher in terms of, say, initiative, commitment, and moral significantly influence the desired goal. Particularly developing countries that suffer from limited access to libraries, internet, and e-book, among others, undoubtedly need committed teachers. Indeed, they need teachers who are devoted to work in a sector characterized by inadequate school facilities, large class size, irritating students’ discipline, and small salary. Following that, the initial objectives of the study had been to investigate the challenges of teachers’ in schools featured by constraints associated with those mentioned above. However, Teachers’ Speak comes up with new sources of challenges that threaten teachers’ initiative and...
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