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Journal Writing In Math? Why Not?   Jolin Olson and Cynthia Johnson

Journal Writing In Math? Why Not?

80 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Research has indicated that regular, systematic writing, over an extended period of time, improves student academic achievement and attitude towards mathematics. In addition there is support that assessment for learning strategies, such as descriptive feedback and peer and self-assessment, are vital to enhancing students’ overall performance. Traditional teaching practices of chalk and talk do not meet the needs of students entering our classrooms today. Teachers must be innovative and rely on a combination of teaching methods to stimulate students’ interest and to elicit participation in their own learning process. Journal writing has been more commonly associated with English/Language Arts classes. However, current research has found that when students write and explain what they are thinking in a written format, they gain a deeper understanding of the math concepts and skills. This book should help all educators in the K-12 setting see the relevance and importance of implementing...
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