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Quick Guides to Write a Scientific Paper   Nasser Oroujlou,Sedigheh Haghjou and Belghis Rovshan

Quick Guides to Write a Scientific Paper

312 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book is an informative source both for seasoned and novice researchers and provides them with practical and straightforward guides to organize, write, submit, and revise their scientific papers in all disciplines. The materials covered in this book conform to the very recent and up-to-date principles and are on the basis of practical experience of researchers who have published several papers and books in international journals and data-bases. The following invaluable and straightforward features have made study of the book vey necessary for researchers. Some of them include perspectives and information about the: • Scientific and precise use of language and grammar in scientific papers • Instructions and techniques required for writing standard scientific paper • Choosing appropriate journal for your paper • Choosing appropriate format for your cover letter to the editor and submission of your paper • The review process and ethics of publication • An appendix that...
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