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Language in Post-Conflict Education and Rehabilitation   Arinola Wuraola

Language in Post-Conflict Education and Rehabilitation

60 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The use of language is important in a child’s day to day live, it forms how a child thinks, assimilates and interacts among his peers, in his community and as an individual outside his societal environment. The project looks at how language can help in reforming children in post-conflict situation, what language should be given attention and at what time? The academic instructional language of a child is as important as the way he assimilates academically. The use of interactive language as against academic language in the first years of a child will prepare him appropriately for school setting; familiarize him with the academic environment in the language he is familiar to will be one of the points discussed in this project. Likewise, the project also points out ways language can be a major rehabilitating tool to bring back depressed, hopeless and marginalized children in refugee camp. In addition, it covers what the government and NGOs are contributing, what they can do to...
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