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How To Hone Problem Solving Skills   Betty McDonald

How To Hone Problem Solving Skills

116 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Everyone has a problem about something that needs to be resolved. With close to 45 years of academic experience and coming from a mathematical background the author has not met a single person who can truthfully claim not ever having a problem. Challenges are everywhere! They occur every day. They are faced by everyone. They become so insurmountable that they literally assume problem status. Even if someone helps you solve a problem you cannot depend on that person or others to keep solving your problems. Besides, you would always have a problem to be solved. This self help book addresses the knots and bolts of how to hone problem solving skills in a simple straightforward manner that anyone can understand with minimum effort and expertise. The author uses numerous familiar quotations from the public domain to serve as thought provoking stimuli to drive home the views shared in each section. The shareware graphics punctuate the text and serve to lighten the tone, augment the...
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