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Career Decision Making   Saifuddin Kamran

Career Decision Making

60 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
A young person of today is faced with an increasing number of options before taking a decision. This becomes especially difficult when the decision has to have implications on the whole future life of a person, such as the decision about what field to choose for studies, what career to opt for, or what institution to join for professional studies. Moreover, younger people today have more opportunities and options before them than their predecessors had in their youth. This excess of options spawns a complicated state of affairs for our adolescents. A person’s decision making method matures as time passes. Usually, in Pakistan, when it comes to joining a university, students go to their same sources of power, i.e. their parents, but in this situation parents are not that much of a help. We tested this situation to find out whether this analysis of ours is really true.
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