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“If Everyone Kept Quiet, There Would Never Be Any Justice"   Shifra Teitelbaum

“If Everyone Kept Quiet, There Would Never Be Any Justice"

140 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Although there is an extensive body of literature on youth voice, research on the experiences of youth of color in general, or Latina/o youth in particular, is limited. Differing experiences of youth voice based on race or culture have also rarely been explored. This study uses a phenomenological lens to understand Latina/o youth’s self-perceptions of youth voice, the meaning they attribute to youth voice, and the significance to them of finding and using their voices across different domains of their lives. Seven young people, ages 13-18, participated in this study. A number of themes emerged from interviews with the youth, among them the purpose of youth voice is to have an impact, youth voice includes listening and creating space for everyone to be heard, speaking up is risky and requires courage, youth voice is often tied to efforts for social change, and youth voice is received differently in different settings. While adults and institutions of power often discourage or dismiss...
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