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When Parents "Bully" Teachers   Kamala Peter

When Parents "Bully" Teachers

144 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
A report presented by the National Commission on Special Needs in Education and Training, and the National Committee on Education Support Services (1997:18) articulates clearly the importance of parental involvement in teaching and learning. The report asserts that: “The active involvement of parents in the teaching and learning process is central to effective learning and development”. Such involvement includes the recognition of parents as the primary care-givers of their children and, as such, they are a central resource to the education system. Researchers, Ellis and Fouts (1994:115) propose that positive parental involvement in the process of teaching and learning can produce an enhanced and conducive learning milieu and allow learners the valuable opportunity to learn more. However, the headline featured in a South African newspaper, “Mother and a pal beat up teacher”, (Philip, 2005:1) provides alarming evidence that not all parental involvement is positive and contributes to...
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