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Deviating from Convention   Hubert Benitez

Deviating from Convention

160 страниц. 2014 год.
Scholars' Press
There is a documented need to increase the racial and ethnic diversity of the healthcare workforce. Approaches include implementing bridge and enrichment programs; diversifying college admissions criteria; and developing models that enhance the recruitment of minority and at-risk students. A study was designed to determine if dental hygiene students, who enrolled in a non-traditional model of education, with minimum requirements and prerequisites for admissions, could be successful as measured by passing the national and regional clinical board exams and become eligible for licensure. Data analyses indicated that the preadmission exam score, age, and race were found to be not statistically significant predictors of board exam passage. Based on program completion and graduation rates and total pass rates of board exams, the educational model analyzed in this study may be considered as an alternative and viable model of dental education. The author concludes that conducting exploratory...
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