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Learning to Love and Loving to Learn Mathematics   Betty McDonald

Learning to Love and Loving to Learn Mathematics

136 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Loving Mathematics is all about loving mathematics! This book examines how a love for mathematics can lead to amazing success in several different areas of life. Drawing from over 40 years academic experience, the author discusses how teachers can make a conscious and deliberate effort to create in their students a lifetime love for mathematics. Situated in a reflective context, the book explores how caregivers can unearth hidden talents and realise the self-fulfilling prophecy. By paying close attention to details and providing timely affirmation and appropriate attention teachers can help their students learn to love and love to learn mathematics. Relating real life situations in mathematical terminology and seeking opportunities to engage in ongoing mathematical conversations have transformative impacts on students. Quieting the inner negative voices and awakening the rational positive voices can change drudgery into pleasure. This book would show you how to minimise the...
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