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A Comparison of Career and Technical Education between USA and China   Harry Hou

A Comparison of Career and Technical Education between USA and China

264 страниц. 2014 год.
Scholars' Press
The US community colleges have been a major contributor in career and technical education (CTE) to meet local community needs for over a century. Since the 1980s, career and technical education in US community colleges has developed so rapidly, is perceived to hold an advantage in CTE program development when compared with other countries. China has been considered one of the largest manufacturers and labor markets in the world for the last few decades. China has produced a massive quantity of products and goods for the world economy. In order to sustain its booming economy, China needs to continue with its efforts to grow a skilled workforce. This case study explored and compared how the CTE programs are organized and operated in a US community college and a comparable Chinese institution under the impact of globalization, and found positive characteristics from each institution for possible adoption and adaption at the similar institutions in both the US and China. This book offers...
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