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Educational Change in Ethiopia   Gizaw Tasissa

Educational Change in Ethiopia

520 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
There was no government policy to support continuous professional development of teachers either in Ethiopia or indeed in many parts of the world during the early years of education systems. The development and dissemination of Teacher Education System Overhaul (T.E.S.O) in Ethiopia has been based on the problems identified by the authorities of the TPLF led Ministry of Education and foreign experts, without the participation of stakeholders. The solutions contained in these documents are also prescribed by these authorities. By doing so, the authorities attempt to provide ‘objective knowledge’ and convince teachers of the advantages that this change may cause. This rational empiricists’ approach, assumes that education institutions, schools and teachers will be convinced because T.E.S.O is superior to the former teacher education programs. This book essentially explores how T.E.S.O is working as a means to educational change in Ethiopia. The evidential bases are teachers, education...
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