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Adolescent Girls: Their Problems & Education   Sangeeta Singh and Jitendra Kumar

Adolescent Girls: Their Problems & Education

168 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Due to economic boom and fast changing scenario in respect of family set up the mind of youngsters is disturbed. The adolescents’ girls are facing even more problems in adjusting themselves as social liberation of females is at the peak, nowadays. By now, they were not allowed to expose themselves to the outer world and now they have to explore various aspects of their life which were rather hidden by this time. The increase on nuclear families is another aspect adding to the burden in terms of non-availability of elder’s advice in case of any emotional chaos. This way the gap between parents and children is widening day by day, and children feel rather less secures, thereby, facing more and more adolescent’s problems and developing various psychological complications. Even further, they are lured by the glamorous world due to excessive house hold approach by multimedia and television. This increasing complexity in their life is causing a major problem in their ‘Academic Achievement’...
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