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Evaluation of Potable Water Demand and Supply   Nura Isyaku Bello and Fikret Tuna

Evaluation of Potable Water Demand and Supply

100 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The investigation of water availability and supply is very important for the well being of any community. The aim of this research work is to evaluate and assess the main sources of water and the various factors that affect potable water demand and supply in Kano State. The methodology adopted here is secondary method where by data collected from several institutions that are related to water supply in Kano state. The collected data were analyzed by statistical techniques and presented in the study. Also, some geographic characteristics such as climate, precipitation, soil type, vegetation cover, dams, population, agriculture and industry were investigated. The research concluded that the water supply in Kano state do not meet the demand due to some problems such as insufficient number of water treatment plant, power failure and shortage of fund and so on. Finally the research suggests solution to the identified shortcoming in water supply in the state.
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