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Competitive University Entry Pathways   Truphena Moraa Choti

Competitive University Entry Pathways

428 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The pursuit of a university education in Kenya is every student and family's dream. Yet, this dream does not always come true for all who cherish it due to insurmountable challenges that most students face including; competitive national examinations used for university entry, inadequate educational facilities, geographical location, socio-cultural and economic factors, and lack of exposure to opportunities mainly a result of the quality and availability of career guidance in secondary schools. Students who have succeeded to realize their dream enjoyed the support of committed teachers and engaged parents, willing and able to spend more on their child's education. In addition, access to university education in a competitive system like Kenya requires a high level of personal discipline, focus and organization on the part of the student in preparation for national examinations. This book is a great resource for students, teachers and parents as they navigate the university going...
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