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Public Speaking and Presentation Techniques   Islam Md. Hashanat

Public Speaking and Presentation Techniques

312 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The book is a very good reference for the learners who will be the future executives in the business world. Usually students and young professionals are frightened and sometimes feel hesitating to face and speak to a group of people or give a presentation. This Public Speaking and Presentation Technique with its two different parts is a comprehensive guide for the learners who are initially afraid to speak in public; the book provides tips to overcome those anxieties and fears. Students as well as other readers of the book will definitely attain the survival tactics following the simple and straight forward guidelines that Prof. Islam introduced in various chapters. Further, the practical tips of some presenters makes this book more worthy to use. This is written in a simple and conversational tone based on the accepted theory and practice of oratory. The presentation of topics is effortless and pleasant and Prof. Islam’s informative and expedient presentation makes this book more...
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