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Mentoring: In teacher Education   Tsitsi Dhliwayo and Chrispen Chiome

Mentoring: In teacher Education

140 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Quality in education starts with quality teachers In recognition of this requirement, in this book, we look at the mentoring relationship from different perspectives: not only the potential benefit to the young teacher but also the professional development of the experienced teacher has to be taken into account. Mentoring could empower the continuous and lifelong development of teachers. The learning partnership of the two persons embodies a considerable advantage to promote a single institution's culture as well as the personal and professional growth. The book gives an overview on research results concerning mentoring in teacher education and it is a must read for all teacher educators. It contains case study findings from a study undertaken by experienced educators from a country that is the most literate country in Africa. It places mentoring in education at the hert of quality education.
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