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Contemporary and practical social work studies   Desiree Kanengoni

Contemporary and practical social work studies

184 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Social work in the UK can be the most fulfilling job despite the challenges of the welfare reform act by different governments and the prevailing economic environments they govern from. Social policy can be enriching but also pulverising for different groups of people with devastating effects on many families. The seasoned practitioner sits on the interface of the enriched and pulverised with the aim of reducing the gap.The gaps are caused by services like the criminal justice system with its sentencing guidelines on the ethnic minority offenders; which sometimes must depend on the mood of the sitting judge. There is the advance decisions and the mentally ill, self directed support packages in a diverse population with the older adults and adult services facing cuts. There is the children with their ambitions when born into families that have mental health issues which lead to the revolving door syndrome of offending and poverty. The social worker must achieve social justice for them...
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