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Quality Assurance in the teaching of HIV & AIDS: A Literature Review   Paul Mupa

Quality Assurance in the teaching of HIV & AIDS: A Literature Review

172 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The need for quality assurance in teaching of HIV and AIDS in schools is of concern to all nations.Students in schools are the window of hope and it is this crucial time when quality education should be provided in order to mitigate and stem the tide. In meeting the millenium goal of mitigating the spread of HIV and AIDS, quality assuranace in the teaching of the subject is a primary concern.Education has been declared an effective preventative approach and the single most powerful weapon against HIV transmission.education offers a ready made infrastructure for delivering HIV and AIDS prevention efforts to large number of uninfected population. Quality assurance is a process recanted to guaranteeing that the quality of a product or a service meets some predetermined standard.Quality assurance (QA) facilitates and contributes to improved teaching-learning and administrative processes and helps disseminate best practices in education system. Systems thinking to quality assurance is a...
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