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Reading Literacy for Adolescents   Abdelaziz Hussein

Reading Literacy for Adolescents

448 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The key contribution of this research is to produce a proposal for a reading literacy curriculum design (RLCD) for secondary school students.This proposal includes four major components: targets, assessment, instruction, and content. Two complementary dimensions are investigated: the theoretical analysis (the researcher’s perspective based upon analysis of reading literacy research) and the fieldwork (the empirical study using a questionnaire for teachers and supervisors and a semi-structured interview for other professionals). Those two dimensions are charted through seven chapters and introduction to and conclusion of these chapters. Results indicated that the practitioners’ perceptions on the questionnaire and the professionals’ answers in the semi-structured interview supported what was revealed by the theoretical analysis regarding RLCD. This suggests that the proposed RLCD is a practical proposition. It also raises the confidence in RLCD by triangulation of data by using the...
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