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ICT Literacy of Under Graduates   Sankar Prasad Mohanty and Subash Kumar Jena

ICT Literacy of Under Graduates

68 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Information and Communication Technologies provide greater opportunity for students and teachers to enhance learning and teaching. Furthermore, the use of ICTs in education makes teaching learning more constructive. Hence, ICT literacy i.e., knowledge and skills on computer and other innovative technologies can foster better attainment in learning of children. Parental involvement (Education and Occupation of Parents) in child’s ICT literacy positively affects children’s academic performance and is a more powerful force for academic success than other variables such as social class, family size. This book is based on the concept that whether parental education & occupation is having any bearing upon ICT literacy of students.Some research studies reveal the impact as positive and others reveal as no impact, even both variables are not correlated. The authors of this book tried to present the findings in a very exploratory way. Hope, this book will cater the requirements of...
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