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The Roles played by principals as instructional leaders   Marcella Momanyi

The Roles played by principals as instructional leaders

128 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The public concern with regard to low professionalism among school principals, which of late has been waning, moved the researcher to carry out the study. The review of literature shows that studies on instructional leadership roles of school principals have been done in Western countries and Africa including Kenya. However, the findings of these studies do not adequately apply in Secondary school in Kisii Central District. The purpose of the study was as follows; •To determine the extent, to which principals performed their instructional leadership roles of curriculum development and instruction, supervision, provision of staff development opportunities, time management and monitoring of students’ progress •To identify the specific areas within the instructional leadership roles principals have failed to perform effectively and what hinders them from doing so •To explore the style of administration employed by principals to effect teaching and learning in schools •To make...
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